Kid Pan Alley & Stockton Symphony


Over the years at Nacnud, there have been many clients and many of them have been involved heavily in the record industry. On our Nacnud Sample Page, you will hear a few things that have been done over the last 23 years. Listen close, see if you can find David Garibaldi, Francis Rocco Prestia, Jeff Tamalier, Frank Biner, Bill Champlin, Glenn Walters, Mike Scaggs, Mic Gillette, Doc Kupka, Lenny Pickett, Huey Lewis, Jimmy Pugh, Jeff Redlawsk and Frank Hannon. Also, if there is a sample that you enjoy, write an e-mail and I will try to put you in touch with the original artist so you can get a copy.....This is what it sounds like at Nacnud. Enjoy!