As a member of the group "Oregon" I've had the opportunity to work with some of the finest engineers and studios both in the U.S. and Europe. I'm glad to say Rick Duncan and Nacnud Sound compare favorably with the best of them. On the project with harpist Motoshi Kosako we had a lot of music, some relatively unusual instrumentation (oboe, English horn, bass clarinet, soprano sax and harp) and a short amount of time to record. Rick was able to get excellent sounds, good mixes in the earphones and a beautiful final product without creating a distraction with his considerable experience and expertise. Thanks for a great recording experience!                                                                            - Best, Paul

Grammy nominated member of the group “Oregon”


It’s not often that one can say great studio, engineer, owner & assistant all in the same sentence; but that’s certainly not the case for Nacnud Sound & Rick Duncan. Rick is an engineers’ engineer, and a musicians’ musician! His years of experience and love for the art crafting sound have established him firmly in the California music scene.


I arrived at Nacnud in Lodi with a very large 18 person session and Rick & D.A, his assistant, got me up and going in no time and made me feel very much at home in his studio. Large sessions can be tedious with the wrong studio personnel, but the Nacnud family makes it their business to accommodate the client. To that I’m very grateful for the opportunity to have crossed paths with Rick and the Nacnud Team. Thanks Rick!


You have a friend forever in Kevin Bond and Bonded Music!

Ride the Waves!!!!! (Inside Joke) LOL!!!

- Kevin Bond (11 Time Grammy Award Winning Producer)



Working with Rick Duncan was a true pleasure.  As an engineer and co produce he stepped up to the plate to really help deliver a stellar performance and recording as well as a mix within ONE DAY! All the engineers I work with in New York, you will not find anyone that can work that fast in both the creativity and production and not compromise the project. We at Mi5 Recordings Universal Music Group really appreciate the work, the musicianship, the accuracy of finding the goal and mostly the album he has helped produce for our release  thank you Rick for all your great work.

- Ted Mason, President

Mi5 Recordings Universal Music Group


Dig this. I think new technologies and platforms can still be created by individuals searching for tools that the market hasn't yet discovered in music focus groups. The way for this to happen is for people to rearrange their priorities in the recording studio. Don't calibrate your thinking to what common wisdom says. What you should be working on or thinking about is that musicians need space. Guard against arrogance and insularity. Leave yourself open to serendipity. That is where Rick's talent can help. Rick Duncan at Nacnud Sound, Lodi, did all of the above for legendary drummer Mike Clark and myself while recording tracks for my last CD, MILES OF BLU. Rick's studio is his cockpit. He'll fly you any where you want to go.

- Tony Adamo/ Urbenzone Records


Mic Gillette performs at the Martinsville (VA) Speedway on July 1, 2005. "My favorite tracks from Doc Kupka's Strokeland projects were done at Nacnud, as well as all of the original material from my own Ear Candy CD. Rick Duncan is a first class engineer, and I will work with him any time."

- Mic Gillette / Tower of Power



"I have been involved with Nacnud since the mid eighties as a session player.  Very few studios have achieved the broad-based success that Rick Duncan has earned at Nacnud.  Rick is not only one of the best recording engineers in the business but is also an accomplished musician himself.  Nacnud Rocks!"


- Mike Scaggs



"Over the years I have recorded in many studios. My first impression working with Rick was, Man! this guy is a great engineer with great ears. I need to steal him away. But I leave him with you, Best of luck Rick."

- Troy Luccketta / Drummer for Tesla




"We could not be more pleased with the results we got at Nacnud Sound on our most recent recording project, "Pedal to the Metal." The experience Rick Duncan provides in the studio is top notch in every way. We are anxious to get underway with our future projects at Nacnud. Thanks for all your help, Rick!"

 -Studebaker Blues Band


"Rick, I wanted to take a moment to share with you and your potential clients the incredible experience I had when recording my third CD " Strong Willed Woman" at NACNUD Studio.


From the moment we got to work on my project in your state of the art studio you brought so much to the table as a master engineer along with your contribution to the unique arrangements. In addition, you're guiding me in vocal styling and techniques along with providing top notch session players helped to make my CD a product I was extremely proud of.


I am thrilled to say that currently "Strong Willed Woman" as an independent CD has sold over 60,000 units and has received rave reviews from critics. Thanks for making this a special record!"

- April Consulo / April and The Texas Rangers


"Nacnud Sound, more specifically Rick Duncan, has been able to take my songs to another level. He has networked with some great session players in providing me with an overall sound that exceeds anything I could have personally accomplished. Not only is Rick knowledgeable about his gear, he is first and foremost a musician with an "ear". Anyone can learn software, not anyone can put together a recording that transcends the original musical thought. I can strongly recommend to any musician, no matter what level, give Rick and Nacnud the opportunity to take your music, no matter what genre, to another level.                                                                                                           - David A. Gaddoni


"We have just completed work on my new CD. Some of the work was done in my home town, New Orleans and some was completed at Nacnud Sound in California. I just wanted to tell Rick's web site guests that working with Rick was a great experience. He is one of the very few engineers / producers that I have worked with over the years to capture the vision! Rick has great ears and is great to work with and I hope to work with him again soon.

- Jon Smith (Edgar Winter, Toto, Albert Collins)